Two Local Politicians Introduce Bill To Help Those With Disabilities Get Transplant Surgeries

(Beaver Dam) Two local politicians have introduced legislation to help those with disabilities get organ transplant surgeries. Representative Mark Born from Beaver Dam and Senator John Jagler from Watertown authored the bill after hearing from constituents in Brownsville that their son was ineligible for surgery. Malix Kulczewski (cul-chow-ski), who has Down Syndrome, was born with a heart condition. When discussing options with his medical team, Malix’s parents say they were informed that their son would not be eligible for a heart transplant due his disability. While testifying at the capital, Born said this legislation will have a meaningful impact for real people across the state. Jagler adds that those needing a transplant face enough challenges and being discriminated against because of a disability should not be one of them. The Assembly Committee on Health heard from Malix’s parents, Tom and Michelle. Tom said (quote)Imagine being in a room of doctors, making the biggest decision of your life, then being told a viable option cannot be considered on your fourth child, but would be on any of your other three children…that is discrimination.”