Columbus Representative Will Penterman Backs Housing Bills

(Columbus) A state representative from Columbus is backing several bills that address Wisconsin’s housing needs. Included in the package of legislation are reforms that Republican Will Penterman notes cut bureaucratic red tape and other burdensome regulations as well as changes outdated industry practices and equip families with greater resources to build and restore their homes. He adds that there is also a renewed call to create more housing tax credits through existing legislation. In the bill package, Penterman is authoring legislation that relates to a workforce housing rehabilitation loan program. He says he is proud to introduce a bill that gives struggling Wisconsinites the opportunity to rehabilitate their homes by way of low-interest or no-interest loans through the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority. Penterman says his colleagues will encourage the construction, restoration, and renovation of housing units through the expansion of tax credits, the removal of burdensome regulations, and the creation of new resources for municipalities.