PAVE Officials Shining Light On Teen Dating Violence

(Beaver Dam) February is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. Officials with Dodge County’s only domestic violence shelter are bringing attention to this issue. PAVE’s Executive Director Emily Shier says they will be offering a discovery dating workshop for young adults organized by their sexual assault prevention advocate.

“Teens can participate and learn respect of their own bodies…respect of each other…learn about red flags and communication with other teens…and she is putting together a group that we are calling the one-eleven,” says Shier.

The One-Eleven Program will be open to youth aged 13-to-16 beginning March 9th. Shier says there is an online survey they are promoting on their Facebook page about love and respect.

“This is a lovely short quiz to see is your relationship healthy,” says Shier. “You can answer yes and no to just a couple questions and it’ll will let you know if you need to maybe look a little deeper into your relationship or relationships and decide if it’s really something that is healthy long term for you to stay in.”

Click HERE to take the quiz.

During a recent Community Comment, Shier said getting involved in peer groups or with trusted individuals outside of the family could help a teen dealing with a difficult situation open up and get the help they need.

“If my kiddoes can be involved in something like this one-eleven support group…they are going to be more likely to ask questions or maybe spill what’s on their mind a little bit easier with their peers and with an expert, than they want to with their family…with their brothers and sisters around with their parents,” says Shier. “Really promoting those relationships outside of the family and not keeping themselves isolated.”

According to the CDC, about one in 12 high school students experience physical dating violence and one in 12 experience sexual dating violence.

PAVE’s crises line is 920-887-3810, their 800 number is 1-800-775-3785, and their texting line is 920-344-0123.

To call the Dodge County Adult Protective Services unit dial 920-386-3580. For Child and Adolescent Services call 920-386-3750.

The Human Trafficking Hotline is 1-888-373-7888.

Click HERE to visit PAVE’s website.