Columbus Representative Wants To Recognize Veterans Day As A State Holiday

(Beaver Dam) A legislator from Columbus is hoping Wisconsin will soon recognize Veterans Day as a state holiday. Representative Will Pentermen and his office are currently working on a bill that would do just that.

“So, Wisconsin is an outlier in the sense that it is the only state in the United States that does not recognize Veterans Day as a state holiday. We’re the only one,” says Pentermen. “I think that’s wrong. That’s something I don’t want to be an outlier on anymore.”   

Pentermen says that there was a previous bill proposed by his predecessor John Jagler a few sessions ago, but it fizzled out. During a recent appearance on Community Comment, he said there was also legislation introduced this year that would help veterans and their families by lowering in-state tuition costs.

“I’m not the author of the bill, I signed on as a co-sponsor, I believe, it’s under current law, I think it’s, you have to reside in Wisconsin for five years,” Pentermen says. “This would lower that to, I think, just a year or two that you have to reside in Wisconsin in order to receive the in state tuition.”   

Penterman says that both bills are a step in the right direction toward honoring and helping our veterans.