Habitat For Humanity Talks Home Repair Program

(Beaver Dam) Habitat for Humanity has been affiliated with Dodge and Washington counties since 1998. They have three different service options including ReStore, homeownership program, and critical home repair which provides restoration options to low income families. Director of Family and Volunteer Services, Carly Gloff explains the types of home repair the organization does.

“So the critical home repair program, it essentially targets kind of those smaller scale repairs, you know, porch needs to be fixed, maybe some cabinets need to be replaced or things that kind of put the jeopardy of the homeowner in danger,” says Gloff.

Gloff says that there is also zero-percent financing on the repairs, with a max amount of $5-thousand-dollars. She says that there are also educational opportunities to help new homeowners.

“We do offer sort of education for our homeowners that, you know, provide budgeting tips, or how to live in a green way that saves you money, is good for the environment. Things like that,” Gloff says. “Because owning a home, it’s a lot.”

Gloff says that a lot of money can be wasted on repairs for someone who has never owned a home and wants new homeowners to be prepared when the time comes.