Church Health Services Holding A Call-A-Thon To Raise Donations

(Beaver Dam) Church Health Services is having a call-a-thon Monday and Tuesday. The goal is to raise donations in support of the organization’s mission. The non-profit provides dental, medical, and mental health services to low-income children and adults living in South Central Wisconsin. Community Outreach and Events Director Bev Beal Loeck explains. 

“You may get a call from our chairperson Jim Flynn, or one of his volunteers,” says Loeck. “It may come up on your caller ID as Inter-Quest because Inter-Quest has donated their office space for our many callers to make these calls.”     

If you do not get a call from a Church Health Services volunteer, Loeck says not to worry. 

“If you don’t get a call and you would like to donate, please don’t let that stop you,” Loeck says. “As I said, you can go online,, is our website, and there are a couple of donate buttons and locations that you can press, and it will lead you to an online credit card donation.”     

Donations can also be made via check, either dropped off or mailed to 115 North Center Street in Beaver Dam. Cash or PayPal donations are also accepted.