Governor Confident Bill Repealing Personal Property Tax Will Make Its Way Through The Legislature

(Watertown) The governor is confident that an effort to repeal the personal property tax will make its way through the legislature this session. The tax requires certain businesses to pay taxes on assets such as furniture, signs, fixtures, and equipment.  

An effort to repeal the tax in 2021 fizzled out after Tony Evers vetoed the bill, citing at the time that it did not address its possible effects on the state’s utility taxes. Republican legislature’s Dan Knodl and Duey Stroebel will be reintroducing a similar bill during the current session. While Evers was in Watertown last week, he said the matter should be able to pass through the legislature. 

“There was some minor things that were a concern…it’s my understanding that they have been addressed and so I anticipate we will be in good shape there,” Evers said. “Hopefully the issues that were problematic are no longer problematic.”  

Evers said he is looking forward to getting rid of this complicated tax. 

“It’s just a tax that is so difficult to figure out what people owe,” said Evers. “It’s just not necessary so we’re looking forward to hopefully signing it.” 

At the time of the governor’s comments, he said he had not yet seen the current bill.