Beaver Dam PFC Approves New Leadership Positions In Fire Department

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Police and Fire Commission Tuesday night approved the addition of three new leadership positions in the fire department. The action creates a lieutenant’s position for each shift. Chief Alan Mannel says an officer is often times needed when the chief, deputy chief or shift captain is unavailable. There would be no new hires as part of the restructuring, but the three lieutenants selected would receive a raise. The budget impact for all three positions is around $7500 annually. The move is not final until the 2020 city budget is approved later this month. The lieutenant is a higher rank than firefighter-paramedics but below the captains. In addition to the chief and deputy chief, the department currently staffs five firefighter-paramedics per shift along with one captain. If approved, the number of personnel on each shift would stay the same; but the department would have four firefighters, one captain and one lieutenant per shift.