Local Food Production Company Helping Feed Dodge County Families

(Beaver Dam) A local food production company is doing their part to help feed Dodge County families in need. Conagra, as part of their month of service project, teamed up with the United Way of Dodge County to provide over a thousand boxes of breakfast cereal to area food pantries.   

The Breakfast of Champions food drive saw Conagra employees bringing in boxes of cereal, which were matched box-for-box by the facilities Employee Engagement Committee. Harper Mruk, Director of the United Way of Dodge County, lauded the company’s commitment to give back to the community. She adds the United Way Dodge County has long standing relationships with the food pantries and shelters, and through those relationships they knew cereal was a continuous need. Mruk goes on to add that cereal is ubiquitous, everyone needs cereal. 

Antron Kent heads Conagra’s Employee Engagement Committee, and says after speaking with Mruk, he knew the team at Conagra would have no problem getting behind this worthy cause. He explained that after meeting with Mruk, he immediately knew what they needed to do, putting out a call to action to employees. The challenge: collect 500 boxes of breakfast cereal which the Employee Engagement Committee would match. 

Committee member Michael Oksa praised the facilities and teammates investment in the Breakfast of Champions food drive, adding that food inequality is a cause that hits close to home. He says that everyone is at different places in their lives due to no fault of their own, adding he himself has been there.   

Saying this particular campaign meant a lot to him, and he believes others felt the same. The boxes of cereal were distributed to four local food pantries and two area shelters.