Wisconsin House Delegation Votes Along Partisan Lines On Historic Second Trump Impeachment

(Wisconsin) As expected, Wisconsin’s House delegation voted along party lines on Tuesday, to impeach President Trump for a second time.

The single count in this article of impeachment accused the president of inciting insurrection, after a mob of his supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol a week ago.

Congressman Ron Kind said Trump’s refusal to take responsibility for last week’s riot  helped to make the case for impeachment.

“Claiming that his remarks were entirely appropriate. That’s another reason why we feel compelled to move forward today with the article of impeachment to try to remove him from office,” Kind said during ZOOM call just prior to voting on  impeachment. “Obviously he has learned nothing from last week’s event, and he’s still a very dangerous person today.”

And the 3rd District Democrat said Republicans need to make a choice between the U.S. Constitution, or Donald Trump.

“This is really a moment for the Republican Party to determine what kind of future they want for their party and for our country. Is it one that believes in the Constitution or the rule of law . . . or is it one that’s going to put an individual or their party above the rule of law?”

Congressman Tom Tiffany

spoke against the impeachment on the House floor Wednesday.

“Joe Biden has talked about unity and healing? Is that what this is today? Is accusing Republican lawmakers of sedition and calling for their expulsion the plan for healing? Is working with Silicon Valley to digitally disappear those whom they disagree with, the plan for reconciliation?”

The 7th District Republican said he condemns what happened at the Capitol last week, but called the impeachment “political theatre.”

“I strongly opposed the un-Constitutional and dangerous effort to overturn the election on January 6th, but I think impeachment accomplishes nothing” said 8th District Republican Mike Gallagher. He called for a bipartisan investigation.

“Congress should empanel a special investigatory committee, with subpoena power, to establish and then publish the facts surrounding January 6th. The committee should have an equal number of Republicans and Democrats. Its meetings should be closed to the public and its members and staffers should commit to a gag order. Service on this committee must not be an opportunity for grandstanding.

Congresswoman Gwen Moore said Trump urgently needs to be removed from office prior to Joe Biden’s inauguration.

“The damage has been done  and we have a duty to prevent any further damage.” the Milwaukee Democrat said “This moment demands that we act decisively with the urgency of now. Seven days is too long for Trump to remain in power.”

Second District Democrat Mark Pocan said the president “is responsible for inciting the attacks in our democracy.”

Congressman Glenn Grothman defended Trump’s comments made just prior to the riot last week.

“He did say wanted people to ‘fight like hell or we’re not going to have a country anymore’ but that’s obviously standard hyperbole and was not meant to end in physical fights,” the 6th District Republican said.


Courtesy of WRN