Lomira-Area Sees Uptick In Vehicle Thefts

(Lomira) The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office say the northeast region of the county has seen an uptick in stolen vehicles. Since December 5th, the Lomira-area has experienced three motor vehicle thefts. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says it is believed that individuals are targeting vehicles that are unlocked with keys hidden inside of them. He says they have also found that suspects have been looking for garage door openers inside of the unlocked cars. Schmidt notes that every time they have a rash of vehicle thefts and burglaries the investigations reveal that the victim was targeted simply because they did not lock their car doors. The public is asked, for their own safety, to protect your belongings by securing and locking their doors. Schmidt says no citizen should ever experience the feeling of being violated when their personal property is entered or taken. He says law enforcement will do everything in their power to hold criminals accountable for their actions, but they need the community’s help in limited opportunities for criminal activity. Anyone who comes across a suspect or suspicious activity, are asked to not take the law into their own hands but quickly call 911.