Wisconsin Health Officials Urge People With Mild COVID Cases To Use Available Anti-Virals

(Wisconsin) The Department of Health Services says that COVID antiviral medication is now widely available for patients in Wisconsin. Dr. Jon Meiman says those drugs were in very limited supply in the first few months of the year, but that’s changed.

He says (quote)…”but fortunately, we’ve kind of moved on from that point, we now have enough to really treat people here in the state that are likely to benefit from either of these drugs.”

Anyone with a confirmed case of COVID who does not need full hospitalization is encouraged to get a prescription.

Meanwhile, Dodge County health officials recorded five additional COVID cases Tuesday. There were no new hospitalizations or deaths, which currently stand at 294 confirmed with 45 probable deaths.

The county’s COVID activity level remains in the low category which means masks are not required.

So far, 52.6-percent of Dodge County residents have had at least one dose of the vaccine while 50.5-percent have had both shots. Just over 27-percent have gotten an additional booster dose.

Photo courtesy of the Dodge County website

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