Winter Parking Now Being Enforced In Beaver Dam

(Beaver Dam) Overnight on-street parking in Beaver Dam is now prohibited until spring. Mayor Becky Glewen says with Monday’s snowy weather winter parking rules are now officially in effect. No parking is allowed on city streets between 2am and 6am, so that the Department of Public Works can clear snow. Citations will be issued for violations and begin at $20 if the ticket is paid within five days. The parking ban will remain in effect until April 1 unless it is announced that the ban has been temporarily or permanently lifted. City ordinance prohibits overnight parking starting in November but the mayor traditionally waits for the first significant snowfall before enforcement begins. Residents are also reminded to clear any snow or ice from the sidewalks facing their property.  If the snow or ice is not cleared, the city will remove it at the homeowner’s expense.  Additional fines may be issued to repeat offenders.  Finally, citizens are reminded not to shovel snow into the street.