WGA President: High Wholesale Prices To Blame For Rise In Egg Prices

(Wisconsin) High egg prices across the country are due to high wholesale prices from producers. Do not expect much relief in the price of eggs until producers bring prices down. Wisconsin Grocers Association President Brandon Scholz says wholesale prices from major egg companies have forced the current high prices at your local grocery stores.

“Grocers margins, especially in something that’s perishable, like dairy, eggs, produce meat, those sorts of things, you know, you got to sell it…and if you don’t, you can’t get your money back,” says Scholz.

Scholz says that this issue is not the fault of your local retailer.

“Grocers are really concerned about prices, no question about it…they control them as best they can. But a lot of it is out of their control,” says Scholz.

Scholz encourages the public to shop around to see if you can find better deals on locally produced eggs.

“You’re gonna find some that are maybe private label that is priced lower than what you might find from a national brand, or maybe an organic product,” says Scholz.

Agriculture advocacy group Farm Action is calling for an FTC investigation into possible price fixing after reports that the company behind Eggland’s Best and Land o Lakes saw a 600-percent increase in profits on egg sales last year.

Courtesy of WRN