Watertown Man Sentenced For Teen Assault, Burglary

7/11/17 – In Dodge County court yesterday, a Watertown man was sentenced to 160 days in jail after being convicted in two separate incidents, for stealing from a friend’s house and having inappropriate contact with a teenager. Charles Schmidt entered a no contest plea to felony Burglary and Second Degree Sexual Assault of a Child. In February of 2016, the 22-year-old climbed through the window of his friend’s home to steal a game system and later tried to sell it on Facebook. Two months later, Schmidt was in a physical relationship with a minor. He told authorities that he had contact with her on one-or-two occasions and was aware of her age. Schmidt was sentenced to 160 days in jail, to be served following a current six month stint in jail in Jefferson County. In that case, Schmidt was found guilty in May of Second Degree Sexual Assault of a Child. He was also placed on probation for five years each in connection with both incidents.