Watertown Man Found Incompetent To Stand Trial For Threatening Cops

(Watertown) A Watertown man accused of threatening police officers following a domestic incident was found not competent to stand trial yesterday (Tuesday).  Nicholas Zastrow’s attorney called for the hearing after he told the court that he believes his client is incompetent. Zastrow is facing felony counts of Strangulation and Threats to Law Enforcement Officers as well as seven misdemeanor charges of Disorderly Conduct, Criminal Damage, Battery, Resisting an Officer, and Possession of Illegally Obtained Prescription Pills. In March, Watertown Police were dispatched to the 1400 block of Prospect Street for a domestic dispute. When the officer arrived on scene, two women were standing outside the residence in a state of panic while Zastrow was allegedly observed carrying a shotgun with the barrel pointing upwards. The officer followed Zastrow inside the home while commanding the suspect to drop the weapon. Zastrow allegedly ignored the officer and eventually handed the shotgun, which was later discovered to be unloaded, to a relative who complied with the command. The officer eventually used his Taser gun to subdue Zastrow and place him under arrest. As he was being handcuffed and transported to the Watertown Hospital, the 31-year-old reportedly shouted profanities and repeatedly told officers that he would beat them up once he was free. Prescription pills were allegedly found on Zastrow and his blood alcohol level was point-three-six (.36). Prosecutors say Zastrow’s ex-girlfriend told police that he had smashed the front windshield of her car with a child’s toy and that he physically assaulted her prior to police arrival. Zastrow’s attorney requested inpatient treatment which the court granted.