UW Madison Extension Dodge County Highlights National Volunteer Week

(Juneau) National Volunteer Week is just around the corner, but Positive Youth Development Educator Marie Witzel with the UW Madison Extension Dodge County says she chooses to celebrate all month long. On a recent Community Comment, Witzel said that while covid has made things harder on volunteers they have learned new ways to approach the program, including the use of remote technology.  This means volunteers in Madison, Green Bay, or even outside the state can still impact the lives of the youth in Dodge County. 

Currently the Dodge County 4H program has 179 adult volunteers, But Witzel says they can always use a few more.  She adds that you can put a dollar amount on how much value each volunteer adds to the 4H program.  According to research by Independent Sector, a national membership organization, each volunteer hour is valued at over $27.  Last year, Dodge County 4H volunteers reported 6,570 hours, valued at $178,704. 

 National Volunteer Week runs from April 18th through the 24th.