Trailways Conference Has Plan For Winter & Spring Sports Season

The Trailways Conference recently announced via Twitter @TrailwaysConf their tentative plans for the winter and spring sports seasonsโ€ฆ


Basketball/Baseball/Softball: Cutting the conference schedules to a single round-robin. First scheduled game will count as a conference contest. If cancelled, the second will count as a conference contest.

Schools must play 3/4 of the (new amount of) scheduled games (rounded down) for conference championships and all-conference eligibility. Games not played will NOT be forfeits.

Wrestling: The wrestling dual schedules — we will not play for championships this season. Schools are free to keep their existing schedules (South) or to choose their own opponents to maximize opportunities for kids. The north dual meet tournament is cancelled.

The conference wrestling tournament is NOT cancelled at this time, but we know that if it happens it will need to be moved to fit the revised WIAA schedule. We will re-evaluate and if the WIAA allows more than dual meets later in the season we will try to have the tournament.

Finally, we have 8-9 schools playing volleyball in the alternate fall schedule (February-April). Those schools will play for a conference championship and have an all-conference team.


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