Dodge County Sheriff Asks Voters To Be Courteous At The Polls

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriff is asking those who have not yet casted their ballot to follow a few basic courtesies at the polls Tuesday. Sheriff Dale Schmidt asks everyone to follow the instructions of poll workers, chief election inspectors and municipal clerks. He says they are in charge of the polling location and their directions must be followed, adding that law enforcement will be called if needed.

While at the polls, those voting are asked to be courteous and respectful to everyone, even with those you do not agree with. There can be no electioneering within 100-feet of a polling place entrance. Meaning no signs, flags or other election-related material posted, hanging from vehicles or be handed out at the polling locations.

Schmidt says if a person is in violation of any election laws, he asks do not confront the voter about it. He says to bring it to the attention of a poll worker discreetly and allow them to handle it to avoid confrontation among voters.

The sheriff has also been in contact with the county and municipal clerks who are ready to address any concerns at the polls. Schmidt says he strongly believes and is hopeful that there will be minimal issues today. He says Dodge County voters should have no reservations about going out to vote due to any fear of intimidation.