Township Officials “Concerned” Over Financial Impact Of New Contract With BDFD

(Beaver Dam) Township officials are concerned about the financial impact that would come with renewing an emergency services contract with the Beaver Dam Fire Department. The Town of Beaver Dam Board Tuesday night discussed the merits of renewing their contract with the city. At issue is the increased price-tag, apparently driven by the addition of six new firefighter-paramedics, as approved by city voters via referendum in November. Negotiations started in the fall, but Town Board Chair John Kuzniewicz told the board last night that no progress has been made.  He says the overall increase for the association totals around $400-thousand-dollars. Kuzniewicz says every time the new contract with the city is discussed, the offer gets worse, which (quote) “concerns [him] as taxpayer. The current five-year contract ends on December 31. The same contract also includes portions of the townships of Calamus, Westford, Trenton and Lowell, which is collectively known as the Beaver Dam Community Fire and Rescue Association. The Town of Beaver Dam represents 64-percent of the agreement. Chairman Kuzniewicz did not seek re-election in the April election and Supervisor Jeff Schmitt will be sworn-in as town chair next Tuesday. Contract negotiations between the townships and the city are ongoing with the next meeting planned in coming weeks.