Tiny Humans Art Show to Begin at Dodge County Center for the Arts

(Beaver Dam) A new exhibit is coming to the Dodge County Center for the Arts this on Sunday. The exhibit will be called Tiny Humans Art Show.
“So, anybody under age 10 can bring their art in and hang it up and if you wanna sell it, we can sell it too,” explains DCCA board member Kraig Kasten.
Kasten says further details about the exhibit will be coming soon. In addition, he says this is something that the arts center has always wanted to do.
“One of the things that Karen and Dennis wanted us to do when we started the art center, besides renaming it ‘Dodge County Center for the Arts’ was, they wanted us to have more stuff involved with kids.”
The exhibit itself was also made possible with funding from the Good Karma Brands John Moser Children’s Radiothon.
The Tiny Humans Art exhibit will be on display at the Dodge County Center for the Arts starting Sunday, January 21st with their opening reception at noon and running through March 12th.