Senate Candidate Winker Says District Maps Should Be Drawn By Non-Partisan Group

(Oconomowoc) The candidates in the special election for Scott Fitzgerald’s former seat in State Senate District 13 are appearing this week on WBEV’s Community Comment. Democrat Melissa Winker of Oconomowoc says January 6th was a turning point in America. 

Police officers were murdered in our capital and that has led many to re-think their party ideology,” she says. 

Winker says legislative redistricting is a priority and says the maps drawn in 2011 were rigged behind closed doors using mapping experts and the latest technology. She refutes Republican claims that the state constitution dictates that legislative maps be drawn by elected officials. 

“The maps should be drawn by a non-partisan group and then approved by the legislature,” she says, “In the constitution of Wisconsin it says [legislators] approve those maps so there is nothing unconstitutional about having a non-partisan group draw a map and then have it approved by legislators.” 

On Community Comment Friday afternoon, our guest is Trump Conservative Party candidate Spencer Zimmerman. After today’s program we will post our interviews with all of candidates appearing on the April 6th ballot, which also includes Republican John Jagler and American Solidarity Party candidate Ben Schmitz.