State Senate Candidate Jagler Proud Of Record In The Assembly

(Watertown) The candidates in the special election for Scott Fitzgerald’s seat in State Senate District 13 are appearing this week on WBEV’s Community Comment. Republican John Jagler of Watertown currently represents Assembly District 37 but says he can be even more effective in the Senate. 

It’s a bigger opportunity to help more constituents,” he says, “I’m proud of the record of what I’ve done in the Assembly, of conservative reforms, holding the line on property taxes, voting on what I call ‘Wisconsin values’.”  

Jagler calls the biennial budget unveiled last month by the governor “frustrating” and “bloated.” While he anticipates bi-partisan agreement with policy items like the need for broadband expansion, there is little else in the document that Jagler supports. 

“He knew the amount of taxes he put in there was not going to [happen] I mean $1.3-billion in a tax increase, that’s a non-starter,” he says, “Some of the policy items he put in there are totally unrealistic, it wasn’t a realistic document it was a political documents and we’re to the point now where we’re going to have to sit down, blow that up and start over.” 

On Community Comment Thursday afternoon, our guest is Democrat Melissa Winker and Friday we round out our coverage with Trump Conservative Party candidate Spencer Zimmerman. Republican John Jagler was our guest Wednesday and on Tuesday we spoke with American Solidarity Party candidate Ben Schmitz. You will be able to hear all four interviews on after the final guest appears on Friday afternoon.