Beaver Dam PFC Approves Interim Plan In Search For Next Fire Chief

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Police and Fire Commission Wednesday night approved an interim plan as the city searches for new leadership in the fire department. Last month, Chief Alan Mannel announced his retirement, effective April 16. Earlier this month, Deputy Chief Matt Christian announced his retirement, effective May 28. The PFC last night named Christian as the Interim Fire Chief until a full-time replacement could be found or until he retires six weeks after Mannel. The city will begin advertising for the position tomorrow (Friday) in various media outlets and industry-specific publications in the region and throughout the Midwest. The position will be posted for three weeks and PFC Chair Jeff Kohman anticipates the process will take 90 days. In the event that a fire chief is not named before Christian retires, Kohman says they would look outside the department, perhaps someone in retirement who would be willing to assume the role for a short period of time. Kohman says at this point, no internal candidates have expressed an interest in the fire chief’s position. Mannel is an Illinois-native who has been in Beaver Dam for 12 years. Christian has been a full-time firefighter in the Dodge County area for 26 years with most of that time spent in Beaver Dam.