Regional Jobless Claims Saw Little Change From April To May

(Dodge County) Jobless Claims in the region saw little movement in the month of May. The state Department of Workforce Development say the unemployment rate in Dodge Count was 2.4-percent in the fifth month of 2022, down a tenth of a percent from April. Last year, the figure was 3.3-percent. Dodge County fell four sports in the statewide unemployment ranking to 16th.

Fond du Lac County saw their jobless numbers go from 2.3-percent in April to 2.4-percent in May. In 2021, the figure was 3.5-percent.

Columbia County reported an unemployment rate of 3-percent in May, an improvement of two-tenths of a percent from their number in April. A year ago, the county had a rate of 4.4-percent.

Jefferson County went from an unemployment rate of 2.6-percent in April to 2.5-percent in May. Their numbers in 2021 were 3.5-percent. State jobless numbers in May were 2.9-percent, a tenth of a percent off from the record low.