Randolph’s Presley Buwalda Earns Leadership Award

Akron, OH:  Presley Buwalda from Randolph High School has been announced as one of the nominees for TheLeadershipPlaybook.com 2021-2022 Student-Athlete of the Year. The award honors those individuals exemplifying sportsmanship, positive leadership, or good teamwork.

TheLeadershipPlaybook.com helps athletic departments and sports teams build stronger cultures by developing better teammates and more positive leaders. As part of the online curriculum, the program has hundreds of two-minute video lessons to increase a person’s leadership abilities and develop life skills.

The program was developed by Jamy Bechler, a former college basketball coach and high school athletic director. Bechler is now a professional speaker, leadership consultant, and host of the “Success is a Choice” podcast. He is also the author of four books, including The Bus Trip and The Captain.

“We’re thrilled to recognize Presley as a good example of what a student-athlete should be,” said Bechler. “Great teams have great teammates and though no leader is perfect, it’s awesome to be able to recognize student-athletes trying to have a positive influence on their teammates and friends. Deserving student-athletes from across the United States were nominated by their coaches, administrators, teammates, and in some cases, even competitors from other schools.”

All nominees will receive an award certificate and a complimentary membership to TheLeadershipPlaybook.com for the upcoming school year.

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