Purchase Of Vacant Land For Mayville Library Approved In Committee

(Mayville) The Mayville Finance Committee Monday night signed-off on purchasing vacant land that will be used for the planned new city library. The site, located on John Street directly behind the Mayville Limestone School Museum, had been owned by the Mayville School Board but they recently deemed the property as a surplus. Administrator Scott Sabol says they did so in a good faith effort to demonstrate their support of the land being used for community literacy. The city spent all of $2 to acquire the land with the condition that it only be used for the construction of a new public library. There is also a nearby parking lot the library will be able to utilize. The goal for the project is have it completely paid for by donated funds. City officials hope to see the structure develop into a community center that offers a wide-variety of services. Library Advisory Committee Chairperson Sue Smith says her team will be touring other libraries to gain insight and formulate ideas while developing Mayville’s new facility. The committee is touring the Cedarburg library today.