PAVE’s New Executive Director Settling In

(Beaver Dam) The executive director of Dodge County’s only domestic abuse shelter is settling into her new role. PAVE’s Board of Directors recently named Emily Shier to the post. She has been on the job for just over a month, and Shier notes that she appreciated the warm welcome.

“There’s not a lot of women executive directors in the area in leadership roles so, I really appreciate the folks that have welcomed me from other organizations,” says Shier.

Shier is a 17-year resident of Dodge County whose volunteer experience includes serving as president of the Beaver Dam Area Community Theater, leading BSA Scout Troop 724, and licensed foster parenting for Dodge County Human Services. As a resident of the area, she says she was familiar with PAVE and their mission before taking the job.

“I’m well-aware of what PAVE is as a resource in the community…it’s an organization that a lot of other organizations that I’ve been a part of have donated to and volunteered for,” says Shier. “I really love the mission of PAVE and super excited at the opportunity to become one of the leaders at that organization.”

Shier explains some of her duties and responsibilities with PAVE.

“My role is to interact with not only the staff but then the community…we have a strong volunteer program so, folks that would like to volunteer at PAVE would check in with me about what we have in terms of opportunities,” says Shier. “I also am supported by our board of directors. So, we [are] a non-profit organization and my advisor – or boss – is a group of…usually about nine-to-13, also volunteers, that serve on the PAVE board of directors.”

Shier succeeds Ashely Welak, a 15-year employee of the organization who left to become a grants specialist with the Office of Crime Victim Services at the Wisconsin Department of Justice.

PAVE’s crises line is 920-887-3810, their 800 number is 1-800-775-3785, and their texting line is 920-344-0123.

To call the Dodge County Adult Protective Services unit dial 920-386-3580. For Child and Adolescent Services call 920-386-3750.

The Human Trafficking Hotline is 1-888-373-7888.

Click HERE to visit PAVE’s website.