Lake Mills Fire Chief Passes Away Unexpectedly

(Lake Mills) The Lake Mills Fire Department chief passed away unexpectedly Wednesday evening. Initial reports indicate that Todd Yandre suffered a cardiac event in the line of duty, pending autopsy confirmation.

Yandre served with distinction as a member of the Lake Mills Fire Department for over 41 years, moving up the ranks from volunteer firefighter to chief. Officials with the department say the sudden death of Yandre has profoundly affected a board area of a substantial scale. They add that in addition to his serve with the Lake Mills Fire Department, he was a mentor and educator to untold number of past, current, and future firefighters as an adjunct instructor for Madison College.

Yandre was also a member of the Wisconsin Society of Fire Instructors. Officials say Yandre protected, served, and saved countless lives within their community, the surrounding region, and the state.

They say that he lived and died a hero, deserving celebration and remembrance. Visitation and memorial services are being planned.