PAVE Officials Offer Help For Those In Violent Relationships

(Beaver Dam) Officials with Dodge County’s domestic violence shelter say their organization can help people in violent relationships devise a strategy that focuses on their wellbeing. PAVE Executive Director Teresa Nienow joined us on WBEV’s Community Comment this week as details emerged from a violent weekend murder in Beaver Dam. Ulisses Medina Espinoza is facing life in prison for the murder of his ex-wife Stacia Hollinshead, who shot 15 times in an apparent domestic violence incident. Nienow says advocates at PAVE can help victims of domestic violence with a “safety plan” for children and adults geared to their unique situation to create options for their protection. Examples include explaining to a child subjected to a volatile situation that they can call grandma or maybe keeping a dedicated phone that can only call 9-1-1 in a safe place with a backpack. A safety plan can help a domestic violence victim remove themselves from a dangerous situation with an abuser but PAVE Associate Director Ashley Welak says that leaving may not always be best immediate course of action. Welak says the victim knows the abuser better than anyone and does not need to take action until the right time; PAVE can put in place a safety plan around that reality. If a situation is escalating, she says avoid going to a kitchen where there are weapons and stay out of the bathroom which may have limited exit options. You can find more details about the safety plan at