PAVE Now Handling Jefferson County Domestic Violence Calls

12/11/7 – A local domestic violence shelter has expanded its services outside of Dodge County. PAVE, People Against a Violent Environment, has begun answering crises calls for Jefferson County. Executive Director Teresa Nienow says from 4pm to 8am weekdays, and on weekends and holidays, calls from Jefferson County will be handled by advocates in Dodge County. The Jefferson County shelter is called PADA, which stands for People Against Domestic and Sexual Abuse. PADA does have facility to provide outreach and legal services but not a shelter. The Beaver Dam shelter will also house people from Jefferson County. Nienow says the added workload has put a lot of pressure on their advocates but there will be able to benefit those in need locally. She says Jefferson County is paying a fee for PAVE to answer their crises calls which will go towards investing into their texting hotline. Nienow says their current phone is not ideal for texting and they did not have the funds to purchase a newer device when the program began.