Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Launching Spillman Records Management System Today

12/11/17 – A four-year debacle in the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office comes to an end Monday morning. The new Spillman countywide records management system is linking 18 local municipal law enforcement agencies together. Among other things, it’s used in squad cars for background checks, writing citations and GPS. Back in the office, it’s an administrative tool for not only patrol but also the jail system and dispatch. It replaces New World, a $530-thousand dollars system the county board approved in September of 2012. New World went live in January of 2014 and has reportedly been plagued with issues since its launch. Unreliable GPS mapping was among the problems that we reported early on during New World’s first year. Locations from previous transports were non-recoverable by dispatch; the system locked dispatchers out during records checks; and system reboots were needed during major domestic incidents involving guns and other weapons. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says that all changes with the Spillman launch at 10am today. Schmidt told a forum near Mayville last week that there will no doubt be growing pains with Spillman, as with any new system, but he says there have been no major issues yet as the department has spent most of the year testing the software and training.  In November of 2015, the Dodge County Board approved the purchase of Spillman for $1.1-million dollars.