Pardeeville Man Pardoned By The Governor

(Pardeeville) A Columbia County man was pardoned by the governor. Tony Evers Thursday announced another 54 pardons, bringing the total number of granted pardons to 391 since 2019.

Among the 54 pardons was Steven Johnson, who currently lives in Pardeeville. When he was 19-years-old, Johnson and some friends burglarized a tattoo parlor. The governor’s office says Johnson now volunteers with his church.

Evers has granted more pardons during his first three years in office than any other governor in contemporary history. He says since the beginning of his administration, they have remained committed to granting pardons to eligible individuals. He says they intend to continue this momentum into the new year because they know that people are so much more than the sum of their past mistakes.

Evers has also signed an executive order, expanding, and expediting the pardon process. Another order prevents those required to register as a sex offender from being pardoned.

His predecessor, former Republican Governor Scott Walker, granted no pardons while he was office.