News – June 24, 2021

(Columbus) Businessmen and former Columbus Mayor Mike Eisenga was sentenced yesterday (Wednesday) to three-and-a-half years in prison on federal bank fraud charges. Eisenga applied for a $6.9-million-dollar loan for purchase of a commercial property in Columbus using phony collateral. He defaulted on the loan in 2019, and a civil lawsuit resulted in foreclosure of the property. The judge also ordered $4-million dollars in restitution. Eisenga is to report to prison at the end of next month.

(Beaver Dam) The liquor license of the Exxon Mobile on North Spring Street in Beaver Dam has been suspended for ten days. Chief John Kreuziger says the business violated city ordinance by selling alcohol to minors twice on May 15, though he referenced a blatant series of infractions in a recent update to elected officials. The city attorney and municipal judge reached an agreement with the owners and the ten-day suspension began yesterday. The alcohol coolers are currently taped off with caution tape and officers are performing extra patrols.

(Juneau) The Dodge County Board this week adopted a resolution that is meant to ensure that all supervisors would get the same information as any other board member. Several supervisors shared stories about requesting documents from some department heads who have dragged their feet, only provided some information or have made the elected official file an open records request and pay the related costs. As approved, the internal change to the county board’s rules of order requires that information requested from a county department be provided in a timely manner, and at no cost, with the materials delivered by the chairperson of the committee overseeing the department, or a designee.

(Madison) The Wisconsin state Senate yesterday voted along party lines on a measure to delay implementation of city and county political redistricting until 2023. The bill is intended to address a tight timeline for drawing the state’s next 10-year political maps due to coronavirus-related delays in the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2020 data. Under the bill, municipalities would have until mid-May of 2022 to adopt new wards, while counties would have until February 2022 to adopt a tentative plan and until July to finalize their supervisory districts following the work of the municipalities.

(Oshkosh) The next generation of U-S Postal Service delivery trucks will not be made in Wisconsin after all. Oshkosh Defense says will make the new trucks in Spartanburg, South Carolina. President John Bryant says the decision was made after a look at the company’s supply chain and worker needs. Oshkosh Defense has said the contract to make the new mail trucks would mean one- thousand new jobs.

An 8-year-old Fond du Lac girl hit by a car on June 7th as she tried to cross one of the city’s busiest streets with her bicycle has received an unexpected but much appreciated gift. Miaya Hartwig was taken to St. Agnes Hospital in critical condition and later was flown to Children’s Hospital with head and shoulder injuries. The Fond du Lac Police officers who assisted in her life saving efforts wanted to do more. Recently Officer Marcus Clapper met with Miaya and her family and presented her with a new bike and bike helmet. Interim Police Chief Aaron Goldstein says they are grateful she made a full recovery and is doing well. He commends his officers for their thoughtful gift. -HBN