New Security Cameras Help Catch Culprits Who Vandalized Swan Park Light Display

(Juneau) Newly installed cameras helped solve a recent vandalism at Beaver Dam’s Swan Park light show. A citizen was at the Rotary Lights Wednesday evening when they noticed the door to the Gingerbread House had been kicked in and the doorknob was broken. They contacted the Beaver Dam Police Department who sent an officer to the scene to investigate.

Shortly after Sheriff Dale Schmidt, chair of the Rotary Lights Committee, arrived to repair the damage which was limited to the door and the lock. Due to a large donation from Interquest, along with other community contributions, a camera system including Wi-Fi for the park was installed just before this year’s Rotary Light’s display. Schmidt was able to review the video footage, locate the perpetrators involved and hand the footage over to police. Beaver Dam Officer Brad Konkel was not only able to identify the suspects, he was also able to obtain a confession. Schmidt says two juveniles were involved and they will not be identified due to their ages.

The sheriff thanked Konkel for his excellent police work and he is hopeful that restitution will be received for the damage. This is the second year in a row that the Rotary Lights show at Swan Park was vandalized and, as Schmidt points out, in both incidences the culprits were found and held accountable. Schmidt says regardless of criminal activity, the community should know that the Beaver Dam Rotary Club and its volunteers will continue to grow the light display for years to come. He says they have seen a positive impact and in a year like 2020, it is a blessing to see so many people enjoying the Rotary Lights.