Need For Volunteers Underscores National Fire Prevention Week

(Reeseville) It is National Fire Prevention Week. The Reeseville Fire Department is currently facing the issue of volunteer shortages. Jim Bublitz with the Reeseville Fire Service Corporation says they are always in need of volunteers.

During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Bublitz explained how person can become a certified firefighter. He says anyone interested must be at least 18-years-old and must be physically able to pass the firefighter training course. The course usually runs about 80 hours and includes hazardous materials training. Bublitz says there is a written component to the test as well as a state test a prospective firefighter must pass.

He says businesses are often willing to work with employees who volunteer as firefighters. Bublitz adds that hiring a volunteer firefighter can be to the employer’s benefit. He says staffing someone who knows how to handle emergency fire situations is an advantage.

Bublitz encourages people to attend the Reeseville Fire Service Corporation’s pancake breakfast this Sunday (Oct. 13th). The fundraiser begins at 8am at the Reeseville Community Center with raffle giveaways starting at noon. Bublitz says the money raised will go towards purchasing new extrication equipment.