MMCBD Angelia Foster Gives COVID Update

(Beaver Dam) Marshfield Medical Center – Beaver Dam Chief Administrative Officer Angelia Foster says while COVID cases have trended downward over the last couple days, their facility has seen an uptick in emergency room volume. Foster says the number of younger individuals coming in with COVID-related issues still remains higher than last year. She notes that they are often un-vaccinated.

Foster says that she has had both doses and the additional booster, adding that she is proof that the vaccines work. She says she works at a building where COVID is present and – with the vaccine – as well as mitigation strategies including masking, hand washing, maintaining social distancing she has stayed symptom free for the year. Foster says those who come into the ER and made the choice to not get vaccinated have struggled with their symptomology and their recovery.

She says being a part of the Marshfield Clinic System has helped their ability to acquire necessary supplies throughout the pandemic. Foster says she gets the buying power and supply chain resources of a large health system that would have been difficult to acquire as an independent community hospital. Foster says it is invaluable to be able to reach out to colleagues or facilities within the health system to send extra supplies that the Beaver Dam hospital needs. She says they are a team across Wisconsin wanting to help its citizens.