Mayville Man Sentenced For Saloon Burglary

11/7/17 – A Mayville man will spend 60 days in jail with work release privileges for his role in a break-in at a Kekoskee restaurant. 35-year-old Paul Rosenow was sentenced Tuesday after pleading guilty to felony Burglary. Police were dispatched to Cooper Shop Saloon in March following an overnight burglary. The restaurant owners reported missing close to $400-hundred dollars and said that whoever stole the money knew exactly where to find it. 33-year-old Lucas Mueller contacted Rosenow, an employee at the restaurant, to ask him details about were money was kept inside the saloon. Rosenow told investigators that he drove Mueller to the restaurant then waited for him at a nearby cemetery and was paid $200-hundred dollars for driving him. A bartender recognized the shoes worn by the perpetrator in security footage that belonged to Mueller. In September, Mueller pled no contest to two felony counts of Burglary and Bail Jumping and was sentenced to three-years-and-eight-months in prison. In addition to jail time, Rosenow was placed on probation for two years.