Local Judge, Law Enforcement Highlight Impacts Of Dodge County Drug Treatment Court

(Dodge County) May is National Drug Court Recognition Month, and the Dodge County Drug Treatment Court utilized the opportunity to highlight the positive work the court provides. Judge Kristine Snow praised the team of individuals that make the program a success while saying that many misunderstand the purpose of the deferred punishment program. She says typically people charged with felonies enter a plea to the felony and are convicted of that crime, but instead of jail time they are offered an opportunity to take part in the drug treatment program.

Captain Chad Enright of the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office serves on the drug treatment court team. During his time in law enforcement, Enright says he has seen the impact drugs have had on the community. He adds that the treatment court alone will not solve the counties drug problems, but it is a part of the puzzle. He says the biggest part is letting people know that the program is not a get out of jail free card and is not a way to avoid getting into trouble and just go back to using drugs.

Judge Snow adds that she has personally seen the positive impact the program has had on its participants and beyond. She says she has seen it work every day, and in many cases, this is the only chance and best chance for these individuals to get treatment. Snow explained that in her time as a family attorney prior to taking the bench, she saw firsthand the struggles families would go through trying to find solutions and assistance for loved ones battling addiction.

Treatment court consists of multiple phases of progress including numerous in-person court check-ins culminating in a graduation for completing the program.