Juneau Council Delays Action On Strip Club Licenses At Senate Leaders Urging

(Juneau) The Juneau Common Council has delayed the approval of a liquor license for the Solomon strip club at the urging of State Senate Leader Scott Fitzgerald. Mayor Dan Wegener read a letter from the Juneau Republican at Tuesday night’s council meeting. In the letter, Fitzgerald said he was “horrified” by the reports of serial abuse, human trafficking and prostitution that were unearthed recently in a federal investigation. City officials obliged his request for a temporary non-renewal of the license.

Christopher Childs of Hartford is charged with Sex Trafficking after four women were allegedly forced to dance at the strip clubs for no pay and perform sexual acts for money that went entirely to Childs. The offenses reportedly occurred at TNT Gentlemen’s Club in Lebanon and the Hardware Store in Clyman.

While Solomon was not mentioned in the federal complaint, Mike Seigel – who is also the Village President of Clyman – owns both Solomon and the Hardware Store. Fitzgerald also noted that the investigation revealed a what he said was a “disturbing working relationship between managers of the clubs” and Childs.

That connection was enough for Police Chief Dave Beal to recommend Tuesday night delaying the requests for bartender licenses to those associated with the strip clubs in question. Wegener did not say if the matter would be revisited at next months meeting but he did say that the city has until June 30 to approve the licenses. If no new information or solid evidence comes to light before that time, the mayor conceded that city would have no grounds to reject any license.