Affordable Housing Complex In Horicon Voted Down

(Horicon) The Horicon Common Council has decided against moving forward with the construction of a 40-unit affordable housing development. Roughly 40 citizens attended a recent public hearing, voicing their opinions on an application from the Horizon Development Group to rezone the land near the intersection of Valley Street and Barstow Street. The site would have been home to a 60-thousand-square-foot building called Rock River Place.

Mayor Steve Neitzel says a small minority in attendance were in favor of the project while the vast majority were against citing concerns over lot size, the height of the building and safety measures. Once the public portion of the hearing concluded the council voted down the zoning change, two-to-three. Neitzel says the project is now dead and the zoning application was the last chance to get the project approved in the city.

In September, the council approved the formation of a TIF district as a catalyst to the Rock River Place project and to help spur new business growth in the downtown area. Neitzel says it is disappointing to see the work that was put into a development never come to fruition. He added that with the outcome of the vote, Horicon has told the outside world that the city is not looking for development or change.

Neitzel says communities in Watertown, Chilton and Appleton had similar housing units built and were praised by their mayors for having a positive impact. He says Horicon is now back to square one and it will be up to the next administration to figure out the best way to proceed.