Judge Allowing Statements By Suspects Mother At Murder Trial

(Beaver Dam) The details surrounding the trial of a Beaver Dam man accused of murdering his ex-wife were discussed during a motion hearing yesterday (Monday). Ulisses Medina Espinosa appeared in court alongside his attorneys who argued against several motions brought forward by District Attorney Kurt Klomberg.

The DA called Beaver Dam Police Officer Meagan Scott, who was among the first on scene, to testify. Scott said she observed the defendants mother screaming and asked her if she knew where the gun was located. In response, Scott said the mother repeatedly told her “he killed her.”  Klomberg is seeking to have Scott testify about the encounter at trial, citing that the information given by the mother is not intended to help the prosecutors but instead meant to resolve an emergency situation. Medina Espinosa’s attorney disagrees, saying that the mother’s response was not the answer to the question the officer posed.  Judge Steven Bauer ruled that the comment was an excited utterance and is admissible. Bauer also ruled the majority of the 911 call made by Medina Espinosa’s mother could be entered in.

Klomberg also argued to enter evidence related to Medina Espinosa’s vehicle, which was located at the crime scene. The DA said that hundreds of rounds of ammunition and several guns were located inside. Klomberg also said some of the ammunition found matched the murder weapon. The defense says that could set an unfair prejudice for their client because the jury could see the defendant as a (quote) “gun nut.” Bauer said he would wait to make a ruling on the matter until more details are brought forth.

Medina Espinosa is facing a felony charge of First Degree Intentional Homicide in the death of Stacia Hollinshead of Sycamore, Illinois. Hollinshead was shot to death in March inside a home on East Third Street in Beaver Dam. The homicide charge carries a life prison sentence, if the 32-year-old is convicted. The trial is scheduled to begin on February 10.