Hustisford Reevaluating Next Step Following Failed Vote

5/19/17 – The Hustisford School District is looking to move on after two referendum questions failed over the course of the calendar school year.  The focus of the referendum was to address facility needs at John Hustis Elementary. School Superintendent Heather Cramer says the district will continue to focus on working on smaller projects to improve the facility but notes the bigger projects will not happen with the failed referendum. Some of the bigger projects was the creation of a safe, secure entryway which would have moved the offices to the front of the building and relocating the classrooms that are there currently. Cramer says while they will not be able to reconstruct the entryway there are other things that can do to make the school safe. Such as new security cameras and making sure that they are in the best working condition as possible. Cramer adds that they will continue to work with the community to figure out what works best. She says that it is important to listen and better help the public understanding what goes on at the school. Cramer adds that she wants to get the citizens inside of their buildings to see the failing infrastructure firsthand.