Horicon Mayoral Race: Grigg Opposed To City Administrator

(Horicon) Horicon mayoral candidate Jim Grigg says hiring a city administrator would be a waste of tax payer’s money. Grigg’s opponent, Nathan Anfinson, believes the position would help with economic development.

During Monday’s Community Comment program, Grigg said the job is not needed for a city of Horicon’s size. He says adding a city administrator to Horicon while a clerk/treasure is already employed would make the city “top-heavy” adding an unnecessary, high-paid position. Grigg adds that there would be issues with delegating responsibilities.

Anfinson says that a city administrator would help distribute responsibilities more evenly after the city eliminated an economic development director position last year. He added that it would also serve as a one-stop-shop for residents. Anfinson says that adding a city administrator can be done while maintaining a balanced budget.

Grigg says the voters should have a choice on the matter and is the reason he is running for mayor. He says the existing structure consisting of a clerk/treasure, a deputy clerk and mayor who has time to serve at city hall does not need changing. Grigg says because he is retired he would have a lot of time to spend on city matters.