Mayville Would End EMS Contract With Williamstown Without Boundary Agreement

(Mayville) The Mayville Common Council approved a resolution Monday night that would terminate the emergency services they provide to neighboring Williamstown if a boundary agreement is not set. The city has publicly opposed a merger plan that would see the Village of Kekoskee absorb the township, renaming the entity the Village of Williamstown. The move would give the region ‘home rule’ meaning the village would be equal with the city of Mayville when it comes to matters of annexing land. City officials maintain that the proposal would land lock Mayville and stunt its growth.

As a part of the application process to become an incorporated village, Williamstown has told the Department of Administration that they have emergency services through Mayville EMS. Alderman Bob Smith says if the merger goes through without a boundary agreement their services would not apply to the newly-established region.

Currently, Mayville contracts emergency services for $5,500 a year for Williamstown and around $900 for Kekoskee. Williamstown could contract with services like Lifestar-EMS which Smith notes may be at a higher rate than what the city offers.

Mayville EMS Director Christine Churchill says final decisions should not put resident’s lives in danger. She says citizens of Williamstown work in Mayville, go to school in the city and attend community churches and hopes that a resolution can be agreed upon that does impact saving lives. Smith says past boundary agreement meetings with Williamstown have had no tangible progress.

A public hearing is planned for April 12 where representatives from both Williamstown and Mayville will have an opportunity to speak on the proposed merger.