Horicon Council Fails To Adopt 2020 City Budget

(Horicon) The Horicon City Council failed to adopt their 2020 budget Tuesday night. Alderpersons were deadlocked at three votes apiece and, when voting on the budget, state statute apparently prohibits the mayor from casting the tie-breaking vote. There were some comments from residents made during the public hearing but little discussion from the council on their reasoning for the rejection.

As published, the $3.9-million-dollar budget would increase roughly $100-thousand dollars from the current budget. The $2.4-million-dollar levy would be up $60-thousand dollars. The mill rate is projected to decrease this year following a spike last year of $2.16 because of an apparent miscalculation by the state Department of Revenue related to the new John Deere expansion. Complicating matters this year is a is an attempt by John Deere to have the assessed value of that new expansion lowered. Equalized values are expected to increase by as much as four percent.

City Clerk-Treasurer Kristin Jacobson tells us that a special council meeting is now tentatively planned for December 3rd. The city has until the middle of next month to have the document finalized.