DNR Releases Preliminary Gun Deer Harvest Numbers From Opening Weekend

(Dodge County) The DNR has released preliminary harvest numbers from opening weekend of the gun-deer season. Hunters took more than 90-thousand deer, but far less than the over 123-thousand registered during the opening weekend in 2018. A total of 46,866 bucks were registered on opening weekend, compared to 67,636 last year.

In Dodge County, there were 1141 deer taken, a decrease of 18-percent from the 1398 taken last year.

Columbia County saw a harvest of 1846, down 25-percent from last year’s total of 2463.

Green Lake County reported 1091 deer this year compared to 1474 last year, a 26-percent decline.

Fond du Lac County had a 25-percent drop with 1109 bucks and does bagged, 364 less than 2018.

Washington County was down 24-percent with 600 deer harvested, down from 795.

Jefferson County declined 15-percent with 805 animals taken this year compared to 948 last year.

Harvest numbers were down in part due to less rutting activity given the lateness of the season.


You can find the complete county breakdown here: