Horicon City Council Votes To Dissolve PFC Over Hiring Dispute

(Horicon) The Horicon Common Council voted last Tuesday night to dissolve the city’s Police and Fire Commission, with one dissenting vote. The action follows Police Chief Joe Adamson’s decision to retire next month, and a disagreement between the council and the PFC on the hiring process.

The PFC decided to post the position externally with any internal candidates who apply automatically advancing straight to final interviews. PFC Chair Brett Culver called the move “small town politics” and “pathetic.”

“A system was already in place to have a fair and equitable recruitment that was in the process of being implemented before being pulled by the mayor,” Culver told DailyDodge.

Mayor Jim Grigg says that the city attorney advised that the employee handbook already dictates the process.

“We felt that if we continued as the PFC wanted, it would put the city in jeopardy of litigation,” Grigg said.

With last night’s action, police and fire matters will now be handled by a three-person disciplinary board as outlined in state statute. The action also begins a five-day internal police chief search before the position would be posted externally.

State Statute indicates that a Police and Fire Commission is only mandated in a municipality with 4000 or more people. In the most recent census, Horicon had a population of 3,620.