Resolution To Terminate Dodge County’s Emergency Declaration Going Back To Committee

(Juneau) A resolution to terminate Dodge County’s COVID Emergency Declaration has been sent back to committee. The county board adopted the resolution a year ago which, among other things, expedites the use of resources to protect the public from the impact and spread of the virus. The declaration also allows supervisors to attend meetings virtually. The resolution had been discussed for months at the executive committee level, before it was advanced for discussion during Tuesday’s night’s county board meeting. Supervisor David Guckenberger says it is time for the declaration to end.

The original resolution did not allow supervisors who attended meetings virtually to vote on agenda items or get paid a per diem which is in line with current county board rules. However, some county board members wished to see the language removed from the resolution. They say supervisors with health concerns who want to attend meetings remotely should still have the ability to vote and get paid. The matter was sent back to the executive committee to discuss if a rule change is in order before bringing the resolution back to the county board for a vote.