Habitat For Humanity’s Rock The Block Returns In May

(Beaver Dam) Habitat for Humanity provides many services for the communities in Dodge and Washington counties. Along with their critical home repair program, which provides restoration options to low income families, they have a project called “Rock the Block.” Director of Family and Volunteer Services Carly Gloff explains.

“’Rock the Block’ is really a revitalization project for Beaver Dam,” says Gloff. “We started it last year, I believe. I wasn’t here for it, but I heard it was great. It’s just a focus on one specific area of our neighborhood and just really work on it, give it a facelift, and, you know, and create a community people wanna be a part of.”

Beaver Dam Habitat for Humanity Restore Manager Laura Goral says everyone can contribute.

“We’ll have our volunteer, check-in place set up at Chippy’s. There needs to be someone to just direct traffic, and say ‘what’s going on?’” Goral says. “Or chit-chat and make sure that if a volunteer comes, cause usually we work shifts, so if we have people leaving, we’ll get them signed out and we have people coming in. Then we had volunteers that loaded up topsoil and mulch.”    

Habitat for Humanity’s “Rock the Block” will be taking place May 12th and 13th in the 400 and 500 blocks of Madison Street in Beaver Dam. There is no catch, no fee, and more information can be found on the Rock the Block Beaver Dam Facebook page and at their website.

Click HERE to visit the site.

Photo courtesy of the Habitat for Humanity of Washington and Dodge Counties website